Fire safety

Aragon House
247 New Kings Rd, London SW6 4XG
MEETING POINT: Outside Cradley House Gate

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the fire instructions in your room on the back of the door which details your route to evacuate and closest exit. 

In case of fire please ring the emergency services by dialling 999 should it be safe to do so.

In the unlikely event of a fire please evacuate the building quickly and meet staff who are trained to help you at Cradley house which is to the right of the building.

Should you be exiting via the stairs that take you to the side entrance (rooms 1 & 2) you will exit down the stair that meet the side entrance and turn right out of the building.

Rooms 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Grandison & Beaumont your closest exit is down the main stairs and to the back of the building.

You will then make your way out at the back left hand side of the garden through the black door. To reach the meeting point you will then walk to the end of the road and turn left and left again back towards Aragon house. 

If residing in the garden lodge then please do not re-enter the building and follow the evacuation through the garden. Please see the evacuation plan on the door for your nearest exit and evacuation route.

Staff are on hand should you need clarification or further assistance.

On request we can provide an alert pillow which will vibrate to alert you of an alarm.

We will need to be made aware of any assistance required for emergency evacuations, if you will require this and are yet to let us know, please inform a member of the team immediately. 

Room 2 is fitted with a red beacon above the bed & pull cords in the bathroom for emergencies